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New Book Launch from Sean Stormes
May 2014

Keynote Address: Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program
Nov 10, 2014

80% of CEO’s think their product is differentiated. 8% of consumers agree.

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Welcome to The Third Door™, your blueprint for learning how to get beyond the status quo (First Door), and so-called best practices and traditional differentiation (Second Door). Sameness, the dreaded business disease that permeates many companies – causing decline and sometimes death – must be thoroughly slain for your business to recover and thrive.

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Kim Deveney, President at NAWBO - Kansas City Chapter

The Dilemma

Best practices and “back to basics” were forged during a different economic time, and therefore have no place in the New Normal.

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The Revenution™

We are the only Revenue Growth Strategy firm on the planet applying Dr. Deming’s proven techniques to traditional “sales” challenges. But this is merely the foundat

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Is This You?

What is your plan to win big in the Third Millennium, knowing that the best-equipped and well-positioned salespeople are still regularly cashing substantial checks, takin

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Sean Stormes

Meet Sean

Thousands of people at both public and corporate events have been inspired by Sean to explore new truths of how consistent, sustainable, and profitable revenue growth rea

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